Our Gray and Yellow Bedroom

For the past month or so I have been making some changes to our bedroom because we wanted a look that was more cozy and put together.  I wanted to wait to show you guys the changes until I had everything together and could show you the finished look.  These photos go back to what the room looked like when we bought the house in April of 2010.  There was lots of beige and spray-on texture in that room!

Here it is after our first over-haul- we sanded the walls, painted the ceiling and walls, and took out the carpet and had the wood floors refinished (after we took up the sparkly linoleum).

For our new room we wanted something dramatic and relaxing, and we wanted to incorporate the yellow nightstands that we got at an estate sale last year.  First I painted the room a darker gray that would go with the colors in the rest of the house.

Next the dressers each got a new coat of paint, and they also switched places with each other.  The white tall one got a fresh coat of white paint and the light gray one became a darker shade of gray, similar to the wall color.   We also took out the fan that was in the room when we bought it and replaced it with a chandelier.  I spray painted the chandelier a dark gray color to go with the wall color.   So enough about all the steps, here’s the new room!

We still have some things to work on, like art work and accessories, but it’s most of the way there.  I found the yellow pillows on the bed at West Elm this past weekend, and the comforter is from Ikea.

I took some of these photos at night and some in the morning before school so the lighting isn’t the best, but I wanted to go ahead and get everything posted.  We really like the yellow with the dark gray and the new lighting!  Hope you guys like it too!






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10 responses to “Our Gray and Yellow Bedroom

  1. Gorgeous! You guys did a great job in here! It’s so glam now, I love it!

    P.S. I’ve been eyeing those pillows at West Elm for awhile now. Loooovvveee them!


  2. Love the dark color and the chandelier. The color combo looks really hip, especially with those up-to-date pillows. Makes me want to come and visit to see it all in person!

  3. Erin

    I love your new bedroom!! The contrast of the yellow and the gray goes really well together. I thought it looked great before but now it looks even better!

  4. Thanks guys!! I’m glad you like it… it’s amazing how paint can change a room!
    Mom- You should come visit!! So many things have changed since you guys were here in December. :)

  5. Gennee

    The room looks AMAZING!

  6. Agree with Erin– looked great before and it looks even better now. Amazing! I really love the grey and yellow together. Perfection!!

  7. What color did you go with for the walls? It’s a beautiful gray!

  8. Grandma Jan

    Your bedroom looks beautiful! Am always amazed whenever I check your blog as to what you two have accomplished on your home.
    Love, Grandma Jan

  9. shelly

    What color did you paint your walls? I love it, and would like to do my room in the same color.

  10. Hi Shelly!

    The color in the room is “vessel gray” by Valspar, and you can find it at lowes. I’m happy you like the color! We’ve been living with it since last February and still love it. It makes the room feel warm and cozy! :)

    Happy painting!

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