Snow Day!

We have been hit by a big winter storm here in OKC so Jimmee and I are getting an unexpected break from work/school.  Although I’m feeling a little under the weather, we still managed to get some work done on the backsplash and other things in the kitchen.

I haven’t been going outside because it’s too cold for me and my sore throat, but our animals have enjoyed playing out in the snow (until they start shivering and want back inside).   This is what it looked like when I opened the back door yesterday morning.

Here are some photos from the front…

Also, I took a few photos of the backsplash from when we worked on it this weekend and then some from yesterday.  We had to stop working on it because we ran out of boxes of tile, but we’re going to try to get the whole thing squared away this weekend.

Yesterday we were able to start the other side of the backsplash and add more height to the side by the sink.  The range hood is also about half-way up, but we are going to have to take it down when we tile behind it.  It will be pretty easy to take the bottom part down again since there are just two screws holding the whole thing up.   Jimmee also cut the baseboards to size, but we haven’t actually attached them to the legs yet.  It’s really easy to attach them so it will just take a second today to do that part.

I’m really loving these snow days (but not this horrible sore throat!).   I’m thinking that we’ll go back to school tomorrow since I haven’t gotten an e-mail saying that it’s cancelled, but it’s been a really wonderful break.  Hope you all are staying warm and safe!



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8 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. jb tx

    What a delight a snow day is when you have a list of projects!

    The tile looks wonderful and so does the stove hood. Each project you guys do has added so much to the look of the kitchen. Good work.

  2. WOW Anne! It’s amazing!!!! I love how you’ve totally transformed this space. I remember seeing it as-bought and you’ve totally turned this thing upside down. I love it. I hope your strep is getting better. As Christian tells me, wrap that scarf around your neck at all times. Glad you’re enjoying the time off, though. I can’t believe how much snow hit Oklahoma! That’s just insanity.
    Stay warm and safe! Hugs and Loves from Berlin xoxo

  3. Thanks!! The subway tile really helped pull everything together and added that extra something to the look. I still feel pretty sick today so I’m trying to stay warm (and I am even wearing a scarf in the house) and rest. :) I’m glad you guys like the kitchen!

  4. zoe p.

    hello! lovely! the tile looks great:) you should post a link on facebook when you update your blog – then everyone will know to check it out!

    ps i have had a scarf around my neck for the last month straight – even when i sleep! yay for paris….

  5. thanks zoe! that’s a good idea about posting a link on facebook. i’ll try it the next time i post. i haven’t gotten to the point of sleeping with a scarf, but i may need to do that tonight to keep my throat warm. it’s really awful being sick. :(

  6. Erin

    The kitchen looks great Anne! I really like the backsplash and am so impressed by everything you guys have done. Keep up the good work!

  7. Grandma Jan

    Your kitchen looks more beautiful every time I check it out! You guys are doing a great job. Hope you get to feeling better fast.
    Grandma Jan

  8. Savannah Page

    Hey girl! Definitely agree with Zoe on posting to FB. I just noticed you did that with your recent post, so I’ll go check that out. I do that with my blog, and with the business blogs, too. Great way to generate traffic and when I do my traffic reporting I noticed that nearly half of the hits to the blog come from FB posts. :) Keep up the great blogging! I’m off to read your latest post!!
    Hope you’re feeling better. Sleeping with a scarf isn’t a bad idea. Christian makes me do that when I’m sick, but I’m always worried I’ll choke myself in my sleep haha. Hugs!

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