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Saturday’s Shopping Trip

Jimmee and I went to Dallas on Saturday for one final trip to Ikea to return a couple of things and buy the last few items for the kitchen.  We bought an island (more like a table I guess), some wall shelves, and a couple of things for our bedroom, and I’m really happy to say that I think that will be our last trip!  :)  The weather was perfect on Saturday- in the 60s and sunny-  so we went into the city to look in a couple of other stores that I’d been looking at online.  We ended up getting a coffee table and two (really cute) yellow pillows for the bedroom at West Elm.  We are so happy with the purchases, especially because we’re hoping they will be the last of the big purchases for awhile!

Here are some photos of the new coffee table in the TV room.

We got it for 20% off because they were having a sale on coffee tables, but it was still a splurge for us.  It’s called the “Y” leg coffee table for reasons you can see below.

I also took some photos of the island table, but it’s not completely finished yet.  I’ll just give you a quick look, and then I’ll post the finished look later… the shelves are missing in this one and we have plans to change the top by painting or staining it a different color.

This side will have two shelves for cookbooks and other things that we want to display.

Later this week I’ll post photos of the new look for the master bedroom and hopefully we’ll get the shelves hung in the kitchen.  I don’t think there is anymore snow in the forecast, and although I won’t miss the snow, I will miss the snow days.  It was really nice being able to stay home all day and work on projects.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

ps  Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!!





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Lightening Up a Dark Room

I finally took the leap and painted the wood paneling in the TV room!  It took awhile for me to decide whether or not to paint and then what color to use, but I’m really happy I did it.  The wood was so dark and made the room feel more like a cave than a fun sitting area…  Here are some photos of the cave-like room.

I didn’t have a good photo of the other side of the room- they are all really dark and hard to see- but I have one from when we looked at the house.

Here is a close up of the paneling with its crazy texture.

Now onto the new, lighter look.  I painted all the paneling a light gray color (the same one that’s in the living room) and the trim and built-in desk are pure white.  Here is the transformation.

It feels so nice to have the bookshelf organized and all the shelves clean!  Now I have a really big workspace, with lots of light from the new silver lamps (which I found at Tuesday Morning!).

I organized the books by color since I can usually remember the color of the cover and then it’s easier to find things when I need them.

The final touch was some cut roses from the rose bush that my Mom planted in the front.  They are so beautiful, and they’re blooming like crazy.  :)

What do you guys think?  Do you like the new color or do you prefer the paneling? Let me know what you think.  :)  Thanks for stopping by!


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