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A Dent in the Dirt Pile

Today I learned a valuable lesson about having dirt delivered… 10 cubic yards is WAY too much for one person to handle.  I don’t know why I thought this was a good amount or the amount that I needed, but apparently I did and it showed up in a LARGE dump truck.  The guy backed it all the way up in the driveway, which is long and skinny and did I mention very narrow.  I wish I had a picture of this dump truck with about 2 inches of space on either side- and he backed that thing up like it was a toothpick.

Okay, so he dumps this thing and it comes crashing down, and I had a sinking feeling that I went a little crazy.  Here is the pile or mountain (I like mountain)…

I worked on this thing all day, filled the back bed, covered the yard with dirt (for the new grass), and filled some pots, and I think we still have more than half of it left.  I also have some nice aches to go along with the new beautiful garden.

After taking in the dirt pile, I decided to go out in search of plants to fill the space.  This is my first stop on my rounds of picking out plants… I got two creamy white hydrangeas and one oakleaf hydrangea (it’s the picture at the top of the post).

Here are a couple more of the plants I bought- some sedum and liriope.

The last picture is my short planning session of what will go where.

Plants- check

dirt- check check

wheelbarrow- check, almost had to tie it to the car, but i made it fit.

soaker hose- half of a check because I bought one and buried it in the garden dirt and then sliced it open with the shovel during planting.

Kitty ready to tear up things up and cause damage- check.

I’m going to have to save the finished pictures for tomorrow morning because the ones I took didn’t come out very well.  The light was coming through the trees at a strange angle, and you can’t see the plants.  I think I’ll retake them in the morning when the light is coming from the other direction so check back in the am.  Maybe I’ll get a couple more of the small ones in my then too!



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