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Bye-Bye Siding

The mint-green vinyl siding that our house has been sporting for the last 20 to 30 years is officially gone, and now we can finally see what’s been hiding under there all this time.

Here’s the vinyl siding, which was a little bit hard on the eyes.

And here’s the original wood, which is in need of lots of work…

Actually it’s in pretty good condition underneath all that dirt and chipping paint.  There are a couple of rotten spots that need replacing (like that nasty one over the door that has a nest in it), but the guy who is going to repair it said that it shouldn’t be hard to fix.  It took us forever to find someone who works with historic hardwood siding, but we finally found a really nice guy who actually shows up when he says he will.

Here are some more shots of the “new” siding.

Now I have to decide if I can do all of the prep and painting or if it’s worth my sanity to pay someone to do it.   I wish I wasn’t such a saver, but of course it’s tempting to paint the house myself and use the extra money on the kitchen.   It seems so easy when I look at it… just a little scraping and a couple of coats of paint.  I’m sure I won’t be saying that when I’m 30 feet in the air in the freezing wind in January still trying to finish scraping the last chips of paint.



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