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A Date with Dallas

This weekend we headed to Dallas for a little R&R and also to do a little shopping.  We stayed at the Marriot Renaissance, and it had this awesome rooftop view of the downtown skyline.  It also had a rooftop pool, which Jimmee took full advantage of while I slept in.  :)

On Friday we went to one of the large Dallas malls, of which there are several, and all of them seem to be really high end.  I think we passed three malls while driving, and all three had Nieman Marcus, Saks, and some other really fancy stores.   We parked and walked through Barneys New York on our way into the mall, and I thought the security guard was going to escort me out for wearing flip flops and shorts.  I saw several price tags as I power walked through, and they were all 4 digits and up.

The mall was huge so it took me forever to find Paper Source and Anthropolgie (the two stores I love and can sometimes afford).  I didn’t buy anything, but we had fun looking at the beautiful papers and clothes.  I made some mental notes of things to order online/buy in the future.

I thought one of these prints might work well to fill in the papered areas of this chest.  (side note:  You can find the papers below and many more at under the decorative paper tab.)

the possibilities:

I’m going to have to decide where to put it before I pick one of these pretty papers, and then I’ll have to paint it to go with the print.  Hopefully I can make some decisions and get things going…

So back to the mall.  They had some really neat things to see as you walked the hallways, at least more interesting things than I see at the OKC mall.

Such as moving cut-outs of people hammering shoes, I guess they are called cobblers.  There were four of these really huge people just hammering away.

And large pots filled with different types of cacti or maybe those are just desert plants?

Finally we went to the courtyard for a drink and sandwich, and we were able to eat out on this cool little patio in the middle of the top floor of the mall.  How nice is that?

Maybe I was a little too impressed with the mall?  It just seemed like there were a lot of interesting and impressive things to look at.

We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant called Coal Vines- I really recommend it if you’re in the area.  They had a beautiful patio with plants and twinkle lights and amazing Italian food.

Well this is Part 1 of our trip to Dallas, and tomorrow I will post Part 2:  Trip to Ikea.  We were able to do some kitchen planning and talk to one of their kitchen experts about what we wanted.  For anyone curious about buying an Ikea kitchen, I’ll share the details tomorrow.

Oh, and one last and important detail!  Thanks to Sunny at Life In Rehab for including me in her top 10 list!!  Here’s the link to her site and to the post:



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