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Polishing up the Bedroom

I finished the master bedroom recently, well actually awhile ago, but I’m finally getting around to posting the photos.  I didn’t really have much to do in this room since the wood floors were already refinished, but there was an outdated maroon floral border and some forest green curtains that didn’t quite work for me.  When I took these curtains down, the room suddenly brightened up and the light came through.

Here is the only before picture I took.

Well, actually I guess there were two.

I took down the border, which was surprisingly hard because little bits of the paper were stuck to the wall.  After getting it all down with some hot water spray, I painted the room a similar neutral color just so it was fresh.  I tried to wait until the sun came out for the pictures, but it seems the weather is not going to cooperate.  We have had non-stop rain for the last couple of days, including a couple tornadoes and golf-ball sized hail, so the photos aren’t as bright as I had hoped.

The curtains helped to lighten things up, and I really like this bedspread – it has such cute buttons and a beautiful flower print.

And the rest of the room…

That’s as far as we’ve gotten with the room, but I have some plans for the closet and for the furniture in the room.  Eventually the two nightstands from the garage sale will be in here, and I would also like to get some pictures up on the walls.  I’m hoping to put this one up behind the bed…. (got the picture from

Hopefully we’ll get down to the decorating details sometime in the near future, but until then it’s on to the living room floor!  I took my last final today so I’m free to work on whatever I want now, and floor refinishing is first on the list.



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