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A New Roof Over Our Heads

We have been waiting for our new roof for several weeks now, and it seemed like it was always getting delayed by something… usually a high chance of rain.  On Tuesday I went out to start mowing the yard and all of a sudden trucks start pulling up to our house, about 4 of them turned onto our street and parked all at once.   Lawn mowing was out for the day, but that was okay because I was ready to say goodbye to our bright blue tarps and hello to a new and beautiful roof.

It might be hard to tell a difference from the photo, but it looks a lot better in real life because the new roof has some definition.   Our old roof was flat brown.

So here’s the new look a little closer up.

Everything went pretty well, except the guys were a little rough on my baby plants.  I think it’s safe to assume that these guys aren’t gardeners and maybe didn’t appreciate the large amount of effort and money I put into the front bed, but I was freaking out when I saw all of the plants looking near death at the end of day 1.   I’m guessing that the plants didn’t like the large blue tarp covering them all day, and it also probably didn’t help that they were throwing large heavy packs of shingles off the roof onto the garden bed.  It must have been like a sauna under there with 100 degree temperatures outside and no ventilation, not to mention adding heavy weights to the situation.  Well, I’m happy that it’s over with, and I hope we don’t have to do it again for 30 years (and I hope the plants will make a comeback)!

One of the victims.


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