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Sparkling Designs

The long weekend is over and now it’s back to work, but I thought I would do one more post about 4th of July since we got some really neat photos.  We went and bought some sparkler (the little sticks that shoot of sparks) at the last minute on 4th of July since they are easy and legal in city limits.  The firework store was crazy and packed with people so we tried to get in and out as quickly as possible with our small purchase- 4 boxes of 59 cent sparklers.

After we watched the firework display downtown, we went home and ate dessert and then had fun lighting the sparklers in the driveway.  Here are some of the photos…

Emma and I making some kind of design.  We had a plan but this is what we got.

Emma spinning around in a circle.

I can make out some letters and maybe a heart in this one?

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.  Today has been a little lonely here in OKC with my Mom and Emma back in Houston and Jimmee at work.  I guess I better get back to that list of house work that needs doing.  Tomorrow I’ll post photos of our $24 kitchen remodel we did this weekend.  We still have plans for our big remodel, but I thought this would make things more bearable in the meantime….  Check back tomorrow!  :)



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