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The Snuggler

Our dog, Kitty, loves to snuggle.  Period.  She will snuggle anything that is around- human, stuffed animal, pillow, a t-shirt left out.  She likes to get really close to the item or person and then she turns around and backs herself up so she can get as close as possible, and then lays down.  Lately she has taken to snuggling our cat, Striper, who seems indifferent to the whole thing.   Striper likes to sleep on the guest bed during the day since that room is usually quiet and empty, but lately Kitty has been sneaking in there to cuddle up to her new best friend.  I took some photos of them this week at various times and thought they were pretty darn cute…

Those last two were definitely the back up and get as close as possible without annoying the cat too much.  They are definitely a good match for each other!   Hope you all have a great weekend!  xo  anne



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