Countertop (finally!)

I started school on Monday, and I was really hoping to keep up with classes and the blog but as usual the posts came to a dead halt as soon as classes started.  It seems like I have a really hard time managing to do school and the blog in the same day so I’m hoping to still update on Fridays and the weekends.  We’ll see how it goes…

Well, that was a little bit off topic because my real reason for this post was to show you guys our new “Amazon gray” countertop!!  It took them about 4 1/2 hours to install it, but that included cutting the hole for the sink and faucet and making other small adjustments to the quartz slabs.

Here are some pics…


Here is the sink and the faucet, but I just stuck the faucet in the holes so you could get the idea.  We have to wait 24 hours to connect the plumbing, but I’m already counting down the hours until 2 pm tomorrow!

We chose quartz silestone because it’s really low maintenance and reasonably priced.  I really like the darker color with the white cabinets and the warmer feeling that it gives the kitchen.

We’re hoping to start the backsplash this weekend since I don’t have much homework/studying to do yet, but there are also several other things on my list (hanging lighting, hooking up faucet and dishwasher, putting the pulls on…) so we’ll see how far we get.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



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6 responses to “Countertop (finally!)

  1. Gennee

    The countertop looks amazing! I love the quartz. Your kitchen is coming together so beautifully. Love you!


  2. jb tx

    Hurrray! The next big step towards having a working kitchen. It looks great- color and shine. And so pretty with the floor and cabinets.
    The thing that would complete this is a counter top/sink series of photos would be a shot of you doing dishes in the bath tub.
    Can’t wait to see the tile and shelves. Mom

  3. Grandma Jan

    Your kitchen is looking beautiful!
    Love, Grandma Jan

  4. Loving it, Anne! It looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see how the backsplash compliments all of it! Love from Berlin xoxo

  5. Exciting! That countertop is gorgeous! And hey – I think we have the same sink. :) We must have good taste, haha!


  6. barbaralea

    Looks wonderful. You know I’m biased to granite (thanks, Dad) but I like the color you’ve chosen and it does warm the space nicely. I also like that it seems to be less uniform than most Silestone colors which is nice too! I always like the granites with more flow and oddities to them.

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