Weekend Roundup

We had a busy weekend because I wanted to get as much as possible done before classes started this morning.  I made a long list and did my best to cover everything on it.  First, we made a trip down to Ikea in Dallas on Saturday to talk about the kitchen plans one final time and to pick up a couple of other items.  Well, we ended up with more than a couple, but I’m really happy with the purchases, one of which is this rug.

We’re still holding out for the perfect coffee table…  but we do need one really badly.  This rug is so soft and nice to walk on, and our dog has made it her new favorite place to lounge.

We also picked up some things for the guest room, but I’ll post those when I reveal the new guest room later this week.  :)

After our trip to Ikea, I finished up painting the ceiling in the TV room (I had started a couple of weekends ago).  The ceiling in this room is really different and seems to be made out of textured concrete sheets.  They seriously feel like concrete, well at least like the concrete house siding.   Here are some photos of the process:

At the start… this ceiling is HUGE.

Close-up of the lights (that we’d like to replace someday) and the texture.

New ceiling color and new white trim.  That fan really needs to go-  it’s on the waiting list of things to do, but now that I see it in this photo I think it needs to get moved up.

Now onto the master bedroom…  Jimmee hung the curtains to match the ones in the office.  It adds a little something that was missing in the room.

I also moved around some of the rugs to see what would work best.  This one ended up in our bedroom, at least for now.  Oh, and we hung the circular mirror that’s over the dresser.

I think it was a productive weekend!  I’ve got a couple more things to post about from this weekend, but I’ll save it for another day.  I made a cute jewelry holder for the bathroom, and we got our new shower curtain material in the mail!   Also, the guest bedroom just needs a few finishing touches before I can take photos of it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!



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3 responses to “Weekend Roundup

  1. Woman, I was tired just reading this post! You must down some serious caffeine, you got so much done! And the changes look good.

  2. Thanks Sunny! I was completely exhausted by Sunday night, but it’s nice to have everything done not that I have class during the day. :)

  3. jb tx

    That white paint sure made the original ceiling color look dark and dingy. I’ll bet the room is 10 times brighter now!

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