Polished up Living and Dining Room

After many many hours of sanding, painting, cleaning, and sweating, the living and dining room are finally done. Actually they are almost done, but if you know me, I am a little bit impatient and went ahead and put the furniture into place.  I was so excited to see the finished result, and I’m thinking we can do the last two things this weekend (quarter round and a new chandelier for over the dining room table).

I’m going to start out with the before photos for a quick reminder of what we had on our hands at the beginning.

When we looked at the house, I knew that the room had a lot of potential, but it was really hard to see it through all the nasty carpet, 20 year old blue and silver wallpaper, and rot iron decorations hanging from the ceiling.  After pulling out the carpet, wallpaper, and rot iron, replacing some of the wood floor and refinishing all the rest, and painting everything, I think we have finally made the living and dining room livable!

Here is the final result:

Side note: eventually, the small windows will have two panels, but somehow when we went to IKEA a Lenda curtain snuck in with our Ritvas (they have such crazy names for their brands) so we had to make do with three packs instead of four.  We’ll just have to make another trek down to IKEA, I guess.

Our new dining room.

Hydrangeas from the garden- they are blooming despite the hail damage.

The living room, complete with our new Ikea rug.

More hydrangeas, along with some of our helpful remodeling books.

Hope you all enjoyed following the makeover, and I’m hoping we’ll have the finishing touches done by next week.  It seems like every time we get one thing done, there’s another huge project following right on it’s heels.  Now that the rooms off the kitchen look good, it makes me antsy to get going on that space.  For now though, we’ll just enjoy relaxing on the couch and maybe catch up on some reading.



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10 responses to “Polished up Living and Dining Room

  1. WOW! Anne, those rooms look AMAZING! Such a HUGE difference… seriously, I was gawking at the screen! Wow. Wow.

    I’m loving that paint color you chose – the blue/gray color contrasts really nicely with the pops of bright red furniture, and all the white really opens the space up. And I LOVE that pic of your hydrangeas in the Ball glass – it looks like it’s from a magazine! It would look fab in a frame in your house, I think. Free artwork, right? :)

    AWESOME job, guys! I LOVE it!


    • Savannah Page

      I agree, Anne! That photo with the Hydrangea is awesome. I’m starting Inspiration Boards for The French Bouquet’s Blog on June 21st and I would love to incorporate that photo of yours into one of my boards. We’re takin’ you wayyy public, Anne! hehe
      Miss ya! Great job!! Makes me feel like our new place really needs sprucin’ up soon! It’s a slow process, but it’s getting there :) Everything’s just so dang pricey! But Christian and I have decided to take one room at a time and just focus on the foyer for now. It still has boxes from the move in! Eeks!

      • Oh wow! I’m so happy you might be able to use the photo. Feel free to take anything you want. Can’t wait to see your inspiration boards! As far as the house, it definitely takes time to find the right things and figure out what you want. That’s great you guys are taking one room at a time since it can get overwhelming!

  2. Thanks, Chelsea!! We’re so happy with the way everything turned out, especially the way the color looks with the furniture. That’s a good idea about using the picture as artwork… anything free is always good. :)

  3. Grandma Jan

    What a transformation! The rooms look wonderful and the furniture is fitting in so well. You have a good eye for color, etc. I noticed the book on the chest by Sarah Susanka. I have a book of hers “The Not So Big House” and love her ideas. Also love the vases of hydrangeas – mine are just starting to bloom.

  4. She does have some great books. We’ve used ours quite a bit for ideas, although we haven’t done too much remodeling yet. I think it will be helpful when we get into the kitchen remodel. I’m happy to have the living room done for now- we can finally have people over to the house!

  5. Oh my gosh, it looks fantastic! I can’t believe how quickly it is coming together. Seems like y’all just moved in and now two BIG (in my opinion) rooms are all set to go. Great job!

  6. WOW! I knew it! It is beyone amazing! I knew you would have the vision to get the job done. Keep sending those updates. We will post on our webpage. Love it! Tell your friends to give us a call! :<)

  7. Thanks Shelly! I thought you might like to see it since you know how bad it was when we started out. I’ll definitely pass your name along to anyone looking for a house…. most of our friends aren’t at that stage yet, but someday. :)

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