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Trip to Ikea

On Saturday we made our way to Ikea bright and early (well not really since they open at 10), but we did get there right when they opened.  I thought we would beat the crowds by being the first ones in the door, but I was definitely wrong and there were a sea of other people with the same idea.  We made a beeline to the kitchen area to check out the options and get some help from one of the Ikea experts.

Their kitchen area starts with a bunch of sample kitchens that designers put together to help get ideas flowing and show you all the possibilities.  The cabinets that I am interested in were not displayed in one of the in-store models, but I did find a picture of them in their magazine.

I love these black cabinets with the white countertops and stainless steel appliances.

The sink that we both like was displayed in-store, but I forgot to take a picture of it so I’m going to have to borrow one from the Ikea website and from The Stately English Manor (a blog).  The sink name is Domsjo, and they have a large and small version.  We’re going to have to use the small version due to space limitations around the sink, but the larger version is beautiful.

Here it is in a kitchen…

We are going to buy the cabinets, sink, drawer organizers, and cabinet pulls from Ikea, but we are planning to get everything else from stores around OKC to make things easier.

When you go into the store, you need to bring all your kitchen measurements so they can map everything out on their computer program.  If you have a PC, you can do this easily at home, but for those of us with Macs you have to go into the store.  :(   The program is amazing, and it basically shows you all the pieces that they offer in your cabinet style and you can drag and drop them to the spot where you want them in the layout.  Then at the end it gives you the total price.

Here is the link to the kitchen planner tool, if you’re interested.


Here are some photos of our kitchen plan and other printouts that you can get from the planner software.

This sheet may be a little hard to see, but it gives you the exact dimension of each component of the kitchen so you can double check your measurements.  It’s very helpful for an overview of everything.

I think those are the basics of the kitchen planning.  After you do the planning, then you can add on things like handles and organizers.  We chose the Lansa handles because they are sleek and modern looking and can be used on the cabinets and drawers.

Last, but not least, we bought a couple of other things while trekking through the store.  Here are a couple photos of our other purchases.

4 Cork Boards to go above the desk in a row- with the edges painted turquoise.

Pretty orange boxes for some extra color in the office.

Lots of lots of white Ritva curtains.  I’m convinced you can never have enough white curtains.

And some white office paper organizers.

And a clock.  We only have one clock in the house right now so maybe this will help me keep track of the day a little better.

Thanks for reading!  Hope this helps anyone thinking about an Ikea kitchen.  I’m sure I’ll have more tips as we go along.



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