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Our New and Improved Bedroom

The master bedroom is finally back together and looking decent so I thought I would give you guys a quick tour.  Everything is painted (for the most part), the furniture is back in, and the closet curtains are up.

Before we look at the new photos, I’ll do a quick recap of where this room started out.

Here it is when we moved in.

Here it is today.

I used the same Ritva curtains for the closet doors that I used earlier in the office, and they are so much easier to open and close.

We also have a lot more closet space compared to the room we were in before so both Jimmee and I can hang things in the closet.   It’s a little messy in this photo, but you can get the idea.

The other nice part is that we have built-ins in the closet for Jimmee’s clothes and my shoes!

Eventually, I’m going to paint the gray chest of drawers and put photos into those frames, but I’m still deciding what photographs to use and what color to paint….

My mom planted a bush of these Drift Roses when she was in town, and they are blooming like crazy.  I keep going out and picking them for each room of the house because they’re so cute, and they smell so good.

Now I’m off to look for those photographs and hang a couple more pictures around the house.  Hope you all have a great day!



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Office Redesign

I took a long break from posting after our little trip and now I’m back with some updates on the house.  Last week I spent most of the week painting, and it seems that I’ll be doing a lot more of that in the next couple weeks.  It’s amazing what a little paint can do to a room (or hallway or shed, for that matter).   Last week I decided to re-paint the office and change things up because it seemed a little dark and gloomy in there.

The walls before were a nice tan color, but the color just didn’t seem quite right.  We also had mirrored closet doors covering most of one wall, which I didn’t like for several reasons.  First, there were too many mirrors on that side of the room, and second the mirrors had some distortion so I always had a fat head or weird proportions when I walked by.  Third, they were always getting stuck or coming off the track and causing me much (un-necessary) frustration.

So out went the mirrored doors.

And in went the new curtain doors.  So much easier to deal with!

I used a shower curtain rod to hold them up, and I used the same Ritva curtains that we have throughout the house.  Since I don’t have a sewing machine I used the iron-on hemming tape that Ikea provides to make the curtains the right length.

Here are some photos of the rest of the room, complete with new color and curtains on the window.  I took down the blinds because they were kind of a pain, and the curtains work just fine for this room.

What do you guys think?  Do you like the new color?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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