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Another Paint Transformation

Last week I finally got around to painting the side of our neighbor’s shed that faces our backyard, and it made a huge difference in the look and feel of the yard.  I’m happy I got it done last week when it was in the 90s… this week the temperatures are around 105 degrees and I have been happy to stay indoors all day!  It’s nice to see the new green shed when I take Kitty outside and when I water the plants(some of which are having a tough time), though.

Sometimes I’m not as good at remembering to take “before” photos as I should be so I had to search around for some photos of the shed pre-painting.

This one was from when I was building the garden in the back, and you can see that the shed is in pretty bad shape.

It took me awhile to scrape and prime the surface but the old paint did come off really easily.

I was surprised that I was even able to paint the wood in some areas because there was so much rot.  At least the new coats of paint will help protect the wood from bad weather and prevent further rotting.

Here is the finished result.   I used the paint that I had leftover from painting our old house, which was great because it was FREE and I really like the color.   :)

I’d love to put some trellises up in front of the wall for vines to grow on, maybe clematis?  I think purple clematis would look great against the green shed, but that might have to wait for next spring.  I can dream for now…

It seems like the painting never ends at our house so tomorrow I’ll have the hallway finished and ready to post.  A little paint definitely makes a big difference!



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