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Trip to Taos

We went to Taos for a long weekend to escape the heat and relax for a couple of days by the mountains.    I hadn’t ever been to Taos, and we had a great time hiking, eating, bike riding, lounging in hot springs, and enjoying the 60 degree weather!!  My favorite part was being able to wear scarves and sweaters again and being able to do everything outside without sweating.   Not to mention the beautiful views from the valley and surrounding mountains…

On Sunday it rained for part of the day, and it was really neat to see these sheets of rain coming out of the clouds all around us.

The flowers in Taos were so bright and pretty, too.  There were tons of flowers blooming in town by the shops, and the hollyhocks were especially nice.

We also saw this little surprise while driving on our last day.  :)

Tomorrow I’ll post a couple more photos from the trip.  I have a bunch from our trip to the Rio Grande Gorge!!  It was so pretty, and we got to see it in an unusual way.


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