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Putting the Office Back Together

The furniture (that we have) is back in the office, and things are looking pretty good in there.  I have some ideas of ways that we can make the room more functional and beautiful, but for right now I think we’ll have to go with what we’ve got.

Jimmee put on the quarter round.  It seems like we’re really into this stuff lately, but I guess we’re doing a lot of the same projects over and over again.

The last thing that had to be done was to paint all the edges and doors.  I didn’t do this first because there was so much sanding and prep work that needed to be done.  The previous paint job literally peeled right off if you touched it.  I pulled a lot of it off with my fingers and then used the orbital sander to help take the rest of it off.

Okay so let’s get to the furniture…

(Little side note to this photo- we can’t find the hardware needed to put the legs back on that chair.  It’s supposed to have the silver legs that are laying beside it, and  I’m hoping we’ll come across the bolts when we clean the house??)

Ha!  I just realized that picture (the one on the desk) used to be in the living room, but I moved it because we’re going to try to find something bigger for over the couch.

The next wall is a little sparse right now- we need to do something about that.

I love this hanging picture holder that my sister gave me for a present.  Maybe I should call it a mobile, or are those just for babies?  I don’t know, but this thing is great and always interesting to look at.

This weekend we are headed to Dallas to go to Ikea to look at kitchen cabinets and pick up a few items for the house.  I plan on getting some white curtains for the office and some other organizational things to put on the desk.  Also maybe some wall shelves…   You never know what you’ll walk out of that store with.  Happy (early) Friday!



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