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Bye-Bye Sparkle Linoleum

Alright guys, remember the sparkle linoleum from yesterday…

Well, after some intense sanding by Andy’s Custom Flooring and some shiny top coats we have a beautiful, glossy wood floor.  I thought that the guys would scrape off the linoleum before sanding, but instead they just ground the stuff down until they got to the wood.  I thought this was a smart strategy, and for anyone who is interested they used a 15 grit sandpaper on the linoleum.

Here is the gorgeous new floor.

Today I finally was able to walk on the floor, and I have been busily working on the next steps in the room- priming, sanding woodwork, painting ceilings, walls, trim, closets.  I finished most of the painting and I’m so excited to move the bed in tomorrow.

I did manage to drag my dresser into the room using some old towels, but I’ll have to wait until Jimmee gets back to move the rest.

It’s pretty amazing what a sander can do!   Hope you all are having a great Wednesday.



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The Start of a New Room

Today got off to a rough and very hot start when our air conditioner broke, but things are back on track and the cool air is blowing again, thankfully!   Last week I started working on the room that eventually will be our master bedroom, and it should be done later this week.  In the meantime I’ll update you on what I’ve been working on…

The bedroom had the same popcorn texture as the other rooms, and of course it was on the walls, ceilings, outlets, and baseboards.  I decided before I took the carpet out I needed to get rid of the bumpy walls.  That’s where the photo above comes in… because that’s what it was like when I was sanding.   Things were very dusty, and I looked like a ghost.

After I checked the sanding off the list, it was time to get rid of the carpet.  I knew there were wood floors somewhere underneath, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I would find.

I was not really expecting 1970s linoleum with sparkle in it!!!

Here’s the whole room.

At this point, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and horrified by all the linoleum that would need to be scraped up.  We had experience in the living room with scraping linoleum glue off of a wood floor, and it was not fun or easy.  Here was my small attempt.  This took forever, and I was ready to hand it over to the professionals.

I called around to a couple of places, and I found a company who could sand it and have it finished in a couple of days.  Tomorrow I’ll post the results of the professionals work.  You’ll be amazed at what a little sanding can do, well maybe a lot of sanding.


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