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Kitchen Plans

I’m back from Tulsa and once again hard at work on another remodel.  It was such a great weekend, but as soon as I got home I knew it was time to get back to work.  I made a list of all the things I want to get done before classes start on August 19th, and it’s really really long and includes lots of gallons of paint.

I thought that today I would try to explain the kitchen plans that the interior designer drew for us (while I finish the work in the bathroom).  She came by last week to give me some tips and to help me with the monstrosity that is our kitchen.  I’m not 100% sure what that word means, but it seems to fit our kitchen (although things are a little better without the yellow paint).  It was really helpful to have a professionals opinion, especially due to the amount of time and money that will be going into this kitchen.  I want to get things right the first time because we are NOT going to be doing this again anytime soon.  I’ve already been warned to expect tears and frustration and to double whatever time-frame you come up with.  I’m trying to think of the positives so I’m focusing on the fact that we will have to eat out more.  :)

I’m going to post the sketches from the interior designer, and they’re very rough and my photography skills are not the best so it may be difficult to put it all together.  I’ll do my best to explain the details with the photos….  Really my plan was to put it into the the IKEA 3D planner, but I haven’t been able to because it doesn’t work on Mac.  I will be able to use Jimmee’s laptop later this week so if this doesn’t make sense, check back in a couple days.

This drawing is looking East from inside the kitchen… where there currently is a large wall.  That wall will be taken out up to the point where the fridge is in the drawing.  The fridge will be near the corner with a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet in the corner.

Here is a photo of the wall (the wall where the desk is) that we will rip out.  I say “we” meaning I’ll watch Phil, the handyman, take the wall out.  I am not even going to try to do that myself.

The next sketch is of the corner with two windows where there will be a corner window seat with cushions and pillows and a round table.  My inspiration for this idea came from a beautiful kitchen in Metropolitan Home which I’ll include below.

After I saw this photo, I changed the route of our kitchen remodel a bit because I love the white cabinets.  I also love those chairs and have been searching for a reasonably priced set online.

The sitting area will be here in our actual kitchen.

The cabinet/sink/stove area will stay pretty much the way it is, except everything will get an update.  Oh, and we are going to add open shelving instead of upper cabinets to the right of the window above the sink.  We’ll also get a new stove/oven combo!!!  The oven we have right now doesn’t really heat to particular temperatures- it’s more of an open fire inside the oven that has two settings, hot and hotter.

Here are the drawings of those areas, but once again they’re a little rough.

We are still deciding on the countertop and floor, but I think we’re going to use the Akrum (in Adel white) kitchen cabinets from IKEA.

I don’t know exactly how much sense this post made or how well I am explaining this kitchen plan, but I have been scrubbing the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling with bleach water for a good part of the morning so maybe I have an excuse.  I better get back in there and get the last of the painting and cleaning done while I my motivation is still going strong.   The hot green paint and green floral wallpaper are almost completely gone, and I should have photos up in the next couple of days of our freshly painted and scrubbed bathroom.



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Beautiful Kitchens

The weekend is almost here, and I am headed to Tulsa to see some friends and relax!  I thought I would leave you with some photos I found online of beautiful and interesting kitchens.  I had a consultation with an interior designer yesterday about our kitchen, and it went really well so I’ve got kitchen planning on the brain!  I’m really happy that we got some professional help because this is not something we are planning to change anytime soon.  I’m not even sure if I can handle the stress of one kitchen renovation, much less two.

Basically I showed her our plan, and she scrapped about half of it and made it better.  :)  She made pencil drawings of her ideas so I’ll try to get photos of them and post them on Monday along with the many other things I’ve been meaning to post.

I love the color of the cabinets in this photo.  If we needed to paint our cabinets, I might just choose this color.

I like the openness of this kitchen and the way they mixed black and white cabinets.

Green and white are a great combination, and i like the open shelving.

** These are from a set of kitchen photos on Flickr, which can be found here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8230585@N06/3643250109/in/set-72157613407640508/

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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