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Weekend Recap

We had a very eventful and fun weekend, and I’m sad to see it go, especially because as soon as Monday rolled around the problems started up.  We had at least 6 inches of rain last night, and it turns out that all the hail we had several weeks ago put quite a few dents (or maybe holes) in our roof.  We definitely learned about those holes this morning when we woke up to pools of water on the floor in 3 different rooms of the house.  ugh.   I’m hoping the insurance can get back with us ASAP!  It took Jimmee an hour and a half to get to work because of all the flooding, and I’m really hoping he’ll be able to make his way home this evening.  At least we were able to get buckets and bowls up in the attic to catch some of the drips, well I should say Jimmee was able to get those up there.  I’m a little afraid of climbing into the small hole above the water heater that leads to a dark and creepy attic.  I was even more reluctant to go anywhere dark and moist after seeing a roach in my closet this morning;  I hate roaches with a passion and will do anything to avoid being near them.

And here’s the news story to go with it…  http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/06/14/us.oklahoma.floods/

And with that, I don’t think I’ll be venturing out anywhere today.

On another note, we had our first party (well maybe more of a gathering) at our house last night, and it went really well.  It was nice to show people the new and improved living room and to show them the plans for the rest of the house, some of which is in a state of chaos at the moment.

I decided to make cupcakes (as you can see above) for the group since they are the hot item of the moment.  There are two new cupcake stores in OKC and both of them have been a big hit.  I made coconut cupcakes with vanilla frosting, although it didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had envisioned.  I think it took me three trips to the store and two attempts at the frosting to complete the process.  In my effort to save time and make fewer trips, I decided to use regular sugar in the frosting rather than powdered, and I can tell you that it was a big mistake.  I tried heating the sugar and butter over the stove to make the granules go away… and I even thought about putting it in the food processor to make them finer, but in the end there was no way around it.  I had to make another trip to the store and had to make another batch of frosting.   Next time I forget the list, I think I’ll just go back to the house.

While I was baking, Jimmee was working on the quarter round in the living room.  We bought a tool at Lowe’s that helps you make the 45 degree angle cuts for the corners, and it works surprisingly well considering the $7 price tag.

Here is one of the sections without the quarter round.

And then here is our new fancy floor moulding.  That one little piece of wood packs a pretty big punch for a small price!

That pretty much sums up our weekend!  I am going to post photos of the office later this week.  The last coat of polyurethane is drying on the wood floor as I type so I’ll get those up as soon as I can move the furniture in.



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