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Thrift Shopping and Attic Scouting

When I was at my Grandma’s house a couple of weeks ago, she let me have a peek in her attic to see if I could find some things for our house.  I loved every minute of searching through that attic because there were so many fun things to look at, and my Grandma let me take a couple of them home with me!  She is at the paring down stage and of course I’m at the bulking up stage so this worked out very well.  There were so many cool lamps, fans, photos, frames, tins, bins, flower pots….

Here are some of the things that she let me take home.

This really cool GE fan that still runs like it’s brand new.  I put it by our bed because our ceiling fan conveniently died the week I got back, and I wake up in the night feeling like I’m in a very strong wind storm.  The only problem is that I wake up in the night (usually confused), and I try to turn on the light next to the bed.  Instead I was sticking my hand into the fan and that woke me up really fast.  I have now moved it across the room to its new home on the dresser.

I love these photos of my mom and my aunt when they were little.  Not to mention, they both have aprons on!  I’m always a fan of aprons.

There is nothing prettier than a big white ceramic pot with a beautiful design.  This pot belonged to my great grandmother, and she used to use it to hold evergreen branches at Christmas time.  She would put the branches in the pot and decorate them with ornaments, and then use it as their Christmas tree.   The dark green branches would be so pretty with the white.  Maybe we’ll try it this year….

She also gave me some neat tins, each with it’s own unique design.  The first one is my favorite.

Now onto the thrift store finds.  I went out today to do a little shopping while the roofers finished the roof, which by the way is completely done as of 2:30 today.  :)  I stopped into an antique store and found a set of wrought iron porch chairs with a matching table.  I also found a potential coffee table for the TV room so I’ll check into that when I go for the chairs.

Then it was onto the Family Thrift, where they sell anything and everything and it’s always 50% off.  There were some good finds today, and I got there at the right time.  As I was pulling up, I saw a guy unloading a wooden door from his truck into the donation area.  I hurried back to sneak a peek and ask how much they would want for it.  The guys response: $15.  Okay, I’ll take it!   One of our doors was damaged in the hail storm so I have been looking for a nice wooden door with a window, and the best part is that it fits!!   Jimmee will have to go pick it up tomorrow so I’ll post photos later of the door and the chair set.

Some of the other finds include:

Owl trivet (that needs some polishing)

One lop-sided (I should have tightened it before the phot0) and dirty 2 tiered  plate.  Hmm, it’s looking really sad in this photo the more I look at it.  It will look nice when it’s cleaned up and will go well with the white one I have in the kitchen.

There’s something about these three-tiered stands that is really nice.

Last, I got a shelf for the hallway that has some pegs on the lower part.  It will be a nice spot to hang things when I come in the door or have a party.



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