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Fall Gardening

Sorry for the absence of posts lately…  it seems like things are picking up all at once around here, and it’s definitely cutting into my blogging time.   I had orientation today for the speech language pathology clinic, and we start class and clinic this Monday.  I’m not too worried about the class part but just the thought of clinic is making me sweat.  Anyways, I get my patient assignments on Monday so we’ll see how it goes!!

Back to the real reason for this post… our garden!  We are members of the employee garden at Jimmee’s work, and I thought I would post a few photos from our Tuesday planting.  I guess this is the time to get the fall seeds and starter plants into the ground so we worked the soil and added some extra manure/compost and then planted the new babies.  The seedlings aren’t very interesting, but I took some photos of what was left of our summer plants and of some of the other beds.

We have 6 people in our group, and this is our garden plot.  Jimmee is working hard turning the soil while everyone watches.

The flower bed area that is kept by the “master gardener”, I guess that’s what you would call her.

I’m so amazed at all the things that have grown this summer, even with all the crazy weather we’ve had.  Aren’t these baby watermelons so cute!?!

And a little pumpkin.

We are going back tonight to do some more soil work and finish planting.  I thought I’d include a list of our crops just in case you guys are interested.  This is what we’ve got going at the moment.

·         Cantaloupe – producing

·         Okra – producing

·         Zucchini – Sept 9th

·         Sweet potatoes – Sept 24th

·         Carrots (1st planting) – Oct 9th

·         Spinach – Oct 10th

·         Green beans – Oct 10th

·         Peas – Oct 20th

·         Broccoli – Oct 30th

·         Carrots (2nd planting) – Oct 30th

·         Cauliflower – Oct 30th

·         Garlic – early June 2011

·         Onions – late Spring 2011

I need to get back to work on the house, but the idea of painting another room makes me cringe at the moment.  Maybe I’ll be in the mood this weekend…  I’m hoping!   :)


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