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Whirlwind Trip Down South

Whew!  We got back late last night from a great trip to Houston and Austin!  I had a great time with my family in Houston, and then Jimmee joined me in Austin for our friend’s wedding.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun, and we were able to fit in some delicious restaurants and some fun activities while we were there.  I’m going to do a quick recap of the highlights…  My camera battery died on our first night in town, and I didn’t have the charger so I’ll try to find some pictures of the places we went.  If you’re ever in Austin you should check them out!

Our first stop was Barton Springs, which is a manmade pool with spring water in it so it’s clear blue and best of all, has no chlorine.  The only problem for me is that it’s freezing cold, and I’m a pretty big wimp when it comes to jumping or even wading into 60 degree water.

We went to lunch at a delicious restaurant called Shady Grove, which has a large outside patio with huge trees shading the entire area.  They have great sandwiches and hamburgers – not that I tried them but I have personal testimony.  We relaxed, had a margarita, and lounged on the patio for awhile with some friends, which was very relaxing.

Saturday we did mainly wedding activities, and since my camera died I don’t have any photos of that day.   Wish I had some pictures of the flowers and the wedding site because it was overlooking Lake Travis, and we had a gorgeous view of the lake.  I found a picture of the area where Erin got married on the venue’s site (www.vintagevillas.com/photos)

On Sunday we went to brunch at The Blue Dahlia, which has a cute patio in the front and delicious open-faced sandwiches.  The atmosphere was great, and we ordered a hummus plate for an appetizer that really hit the spot.

These are some of their delicious homemade breads.  They had a nice selection of white, wheat, and olive breads, not to mention all the choices of pastries and other goodies up at the counter.  I wish I had a camera to capture all the desserts- my personal favorite part of the meal.

Our last stop on the way out of town was IKEA!!  I love this store and was so excited to pick up a couple of much-needed items for the living room.  We had Kitty and Striper with us in the car and lots of other things from Hallie’s apartment so Jimmee had to wait in the car while I did a quick sweep of the store.  I was out of there in record time considering the number of square feet I had to cover to find the curtains and rug (and other various things I threw into the cart along the way).  We had planned to look at their kitchen options while we were in town, but it really wasn’t possible with our animal travel partners and with the time crunch to get home.  Here is the rug I picked up for the living room.  Pretty simple, but I think it will look good with the red couches.

I also picked up some more of the white curtains that we used in the bedroom.  We have plans to hang these tonight on the 4 living room windows.  It will be nice to finally have some privacy in that room!

We got back just in time for a huge storm in Oklahoma City- thankfully we just had a little bit of rain on the drive since we were carrying lots of furniture in the bed of the truck.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures up within the next couple days of a furnished living and dining room.

Hope you all had a great memorial day weekend!



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