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More Garage Sale Finds!

Today is a busy Saturday!  We are going to sand the wood floors for the last time and put on the final coat of sealant, and then I’m off to Houston for the week to visit my family.  I’m so excited to see everyone and for a break from all the work on the house.  It can get a little stressful with so many things out of their place and so much on the to-do list!

For the past two weekends Jimmee and I have been keeping our eyes open for garage sales while we’re out and about on Friday and Saturday.  We found some pretty good deals last weekend, but this weekend I think we got a late start.  I think you really have to get up early for the good finds since the pros are up at the crack of dawn making the rounds.

These are some of our lucky finds:

I thought this apron was really cute with its little red polka dots!  It seems that aprons are everywhere these days, especially vintage ones.  I went shopping on Friday to a couple of boutiques in OKC, and I think there was at least one apron in every store!  I can understand why because they’re so darn cute!

Find number 2: cool antique frames and prints.

It looks like the picture of the bird is just a clipping from a newspaper, but it seemed interesting since it’s a very old newspaper.

The next two are Japanese and are signed by the artist.  I don’t know who he is, but he did a nice job!

And this old mirror!  It will look great on a white wall with a couple of the other mirrors that I have hanging around.

Next up is a dustpan, which may not seem very exciting, but if you know about my passion for a clean floor then it makes sense.  It’s much more exciting than the industrial black one I have right now.

This brown table cloth may or may not look good in our new dining room, but I thought it was worth a shot for 3 bucks.

The final photo of the day is some stitched notecards with little flowers.   Very handy for a short thank-you note or to say hello…

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and enjoys the warm summer weather!  We are definitely enjoying the sunny days after all the storms.



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