Cabinet Doors

We finally got all the doors on the cabinets, and although some of them still need to be adjusted,  I think it made a big difference.   It’s nice to be able to move some of the kitchen stuff out of the office and put it back into cabinets, where it belongs.

I also took down the last bit of wallpaper that was above the fridge (next to the big pantry) and painted the wall white.  It really cleaned that area up and gave it a nice clean look.

This photo is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea…

Here is the pantry area without the wallpaper and with a fresh coat of white paint.  We have a little piece of tape of the door to use as a pull until we get the hardware on.

We finally put some food in the pantry!!

And here’s the other side of the kitchen…

Now we’re going to try to focus on the other corner of the kitchen- the one with the table and benches-  while we wait for the countertop to come in.   I have to go back to school next week so I won’t have as much time to devote to the house, but I’m hoping we can get the big projects done on the weekends.

My friend from college is coming into town tonight so I’m going to take the weekend off and enjoy my last few days of freedom from studying and homework!  Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


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Kitchen Inspiration Board

This was my first attempt at doing an inspiration board, and (thanks to Savannah’s advice!) I think it went pretty well.  I had tried using this website called that lets you create 2 free moodboards, but I didn’t have any luck transferring said moodboard over to the bog so I opted to use powerpoint instead.  Basically I just moved the photos into a powerpoint slide, and then saved the slide as pictures and voila!

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the final look that we’re shooting for.  The fabric swatches pictured are for the roman shades and the bench cushion.  I still haven’t ordered the fabric, but I’m pretty sure those are the two I’m going to go with.   I’m thinking the larger print will go on the windows and the striped fabric will be for the bench cushion.

We decided to go with white subway tile for the backsplash (shocking, right) because it’s beautiful and cheap.  What else can I say?  The price per tile is only 20 cents so that puts the price per square ft at about $1.68 which seems like a pretty good deal to me.   Due to the affordability, we decided to install the tile all the way up to the ceiling on the wall with open shelving– this is the wall to the right of the sink.  The other wall will have it under the cabinets (like a normal backsplash) and then all the way up to the ceiling behind the range hood.  We’ve never installed tile before, but I’m really hoping it’s not too hard.  Chelsea over at This Fresh Fossil posted a great tutorial about installing subway tile a couple of weeks ago so I’m going to head back over there to refresh my memory on the steps and materials.  Her backsplash looks fabulous by the way if you want to check it out.

As I’m typing, Jimmee is installing the last of the cabinet doors!!  I feel like we should have a champagne toast to celebrate the last door (and the fact that we only have one very small pile of IKEA things left in our living room!!!).  I’ve been living with those boxes for way too long!


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Kitchen Progress 3

In the last two posts, we covered the floors, dry wall, appliances, and some of the cabinet building, and now we’ve finally reached the present state of the kitchen.

Here is the view from the dining room:

We still have a bunch of work to do, but at least the heavy lifting part of the renovation is done.  Now we need to do things like painting, adding the finals doors and drawers, adding hardware and lighting, and installing the open shelving.  I could go on and on…

Here are some photos from the past couple days:

Jimmee hanging the bar that the cabinets hang on.  That actually the only thing that holds them up- pretty amazing!  Ikea has all of these things figured out, and they make (almost) everything so easy!

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you guys the other side of the kitchen.  This is the pantry area by the fridge, eventually we’ll get rid of that wallpaper (I just hate taking that stuff down).

This is our new pantry!!  I love how it pulls out, and you can see everything inside without having to dig around in dark corners.  All the drawers pull out, but the top and bottom ones pull out automatically because they’re attached to the door.

It’s probably hard to get the overall feel for how this is coming together from these photos, but in the next week or two it should start to look a lot more like a real functioning kitchen.  I ordered all the lighting today, and I also bought the range hood after going back and forth between several options.

We found one on Overstock that was the right size and height and it seemed to have the look that we’re going for….

Tomorrow we should have all the cabinet doors on so stay tuned for a couple more cabinet photos, and maybe some kind of kitchen inspiration board so I can show you all the aspects of the kitchen on one page.  I need to poke around on the internet and figure out how to do those types of things…

Hope your week is off to a good start!  :)




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Kitchen Progress 2

Yesterday, I posted photos of the wall and floor tear-out and also the wood floor installation.  It was a lot of work, and now we’re onto the easier part (well mainly just because we hired someone!).   We had someone install the drywall for us because  Jimmee had a crazy busy week at work and I was studying for finals and didn’t want worry about one more thing!  I’m happy that we did because they got it done so quickly, and we were able to move forward with other tasks, like getting the cabinets built.   At the end of the day, the drywall set us back about $350, which isn’t bad considering the time that we saved and the stress that we avoided.

Side note:  I went to download the photos of the drywall, and they seem to have gone missing!  Sometimes my camera “loses” photos because the memory card doesn’t connect to the camera properly (or something like that)…  Anyways, I probably need to get a new camera, but for the meantime I’ll have to show you this one which already has the new stove and some of the cabinet boxes in it.

Since I don’t have the other photos, I’ll just go ahead and show you more shots of our recent progress with the cabinets and some of our choices for appliances, countertop, etc.

We had seen this range at Home Depot for $900 and decided it was too expensive, but then when I was searching around online I found it listed on Conn’s website for $600.  I immediately drove up to the store to see if they had any left, and she said the floor model was the only one available and she would sell it to me if I wanted it.  I said yes, and we had it delivered a week later.  We got the dishwasher from Sears (also on sale for $550 down from $800), and here’s a photo of it.

For the countertop, we decided to go with silestone because they have great color choices, and it’s low maintenance and inexpensive.  We took home as many samples as we could because it’s really hard to decide in the store without seeing the color in the space.  Lowe’s was out of a bunch of their colors so that was a bummer, but we ended up finding a nice neutral color at Home Depot called Grey Amazon that helped to balance out all the white in the kitchen.  My mom and sisters helped me to pick out the color… thanks guys!!  It’s kind of hard to see it in this photo, but I’ll have to wait until it comes later this month to show you it in our kitchen.

(Photo from here

For the sink, I decided to go with Kohler Simplice because it’s simple and sleek and has a pull down faucet head.

(Photo from

We are still trying to decide on the range hood and some of the other details.  We’re also waiting on the new fridge because we didn’t include it in our original budget, and I don’t think we’ll be able to purchase one until a later date.

Okay so now we’ve reached the cabinet making stage.  This took us longer than we thought it would due to the usual snags and unexpected glitches, but overall it’s gone pretty smoothly.  At this point, all of the cabinet boxes are up and in their positions.  The lower cabinets are done, and the upper cabinet boxes are attached to the wall.  We need to make a decision about the range hood before we can attach the doors and permanently screw them in place because things may have to shift one way or another depending of the hoods exact size.  Also, the two large pantry cabinets are assembled and attached to the wall, but they still need their doors put on and their drawers put in.

Here are a couple of photos that I didn’t lose, and I’ll post better ones tomorrow with all the cabinets in place.

Check back tomorrow for more photos…  Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!



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Kitchen Progress 1

I’m so excited to finally share some photos of our kitchen renovation, which we have been working non-stop on for the last couple of days!  We had a nice break from all the tearing out, cabinet building, and painting while we were in Houston, but as soon as we left my parent’s house we were back in renovation mode.  We stopped in Dallas on the way home and picked up the final load of boxes, which included the two floor to ceiling pantry cabinets that will sit on the far side of the fridge.

Okay, so I’m going back to the beginning for now, and I think it will take me 3 posts to get you all up to date.  When we left off last time we had just taken out the wall and were ripping out the last of the lower cabinets.  After we got all the cabinets out, we had to remove one layer of tile, one layer of laminate, and one extra layer of wood (that we might have been able to refinish had it not been rotting).  This was a lot more work than I thought it would be, but we got it all taken out just hours before they were coming to install the new wood floor.  We literally took out the last board at midnight, and then they showed up at 7am to start the installation.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that while we were taking out the old flooring, we went ahead a ripped out the plaster on two walls because it had some holes in it and other issues.   Here’s what it looked like with most of the plaster and wood strips gone.  You can see the tile on the left that used to be behind the stove.

You can see how dusty it was in the room…

Here we are getting out the last bits of the last layer of floor.  We felt like celebrating, but we were too tired.

And there is the pile of new flooring which we picked up from Lumber Liquidators.  They have great prices for unfinished hardwood flooring, and we ended up paying $2.50 a square foot for premium quality red oak.   We picked the wood up the two days before because they recommend that you let it acclimate to the temperature in the room before installing it.

The next night, we rented a sander from Home Depot and sanded the top to get rid of any unevenness.  The floor seemed pretty smooth to me, but apparently there are little spots where some wood sticks up just a bit higher and you won’t see them until you apply the glossy finish. Here it is after using a satin polyurethane finish and one small can of golden oak stain.

Next Jimmee put insulation in the open exterior wall because we could feel a draft of cold air coming in.  The insulation was surprisingly easy – it comes in a roll that’s already the right size and you just push it into the space between the studs.  We didn’t even need nails to hold it up, and it definitely helped to keep the heat in!

What do you guys think of the new floor?  It turned out to be a pretty good match to our existing (60 year old) red oak floor.  I’ll post some photos that show where the old floor meets the new floor in an upcoming post.

Next up is the dry wall installation and then cabinets and appliances!!


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Christmas in Houston

Sorry for the complete lack of posting lately!   This winter holiday has been wonderful, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time off from classes, studying, and clinic.  I don’t have to go back to school until the 18th, and my goal is to have the kitchen renovation done by the time I go back.  We’ve been making great progress, and I can’t wait to share that with you all later this week.

Before I get into the kitchen, I thought I would post a couple of photos from our Christmas vacation in Houston.  We ate a lot of delicious food and spent a lot of time enjoying the warmer weather and hanging out with friends and family.  (Last night we had a low of 9 degrees here so I’m really missing that Houston weather!)

Here are some of the highlights from the trip…

Jimmee and I with our dog, Kitty.  (She was probably distracted during the photo shoot by one of the cats roaming the house.)

My mom made lemoncello for gifts, and it looked so pretty in the window.

Jimmee surrounded by our dog and my parent’s dog, Clemmie.

the table, set for Christmas Eve dinner

Our stockings, ready to be filled on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning!  We all slept in this year and opened presents late in the morning.  We ate our traditional mexican breakfast after we opened presents, and then had an early Christmas dinner with friends.

All the sisters reunited!

Well, that sums up our vacation!  Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday, and a happy new years!!

I’ll start posting all the photos from the kitchen this week so stay tuned.  We have the bottom cabinets in place and are working on the upper cabinets as I type!  See you all again soon….


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New Colors for the Exterior

I feel like I’m starting to get a little bit of my sanity back as the house gets a little cleaner and as the exterior gets a little bit of paint on it.   School is DONE for the week, and Jimmee and I have plans to buckle down and get a bunch done.  Our list for Wednesday through Friday includes picking the appliances, tearing out plaster, tearing out the old sub-floor, ordering new wood floors, and painting.  I’m so excited to start checking things off.  That brings me to the point of this post, which is that we decided to do the painting on the exterior ourselves, or I should say that I decided this.  :)  I thought about it and just couldn’t justify spending the big bucks to have someone paint it when I’m capable of getting it done myself.  I’m about to have a month off from school so I’m going to take my sweet time and get it done over the next month or two.  We’ll see how this plan works, but I wanted to show you guys what it’s looking like so far.

We have a contract with someone to repair all the rotten/broken wood on the house, but after I signed the contract a couple of weeks ago I haven’t seen the guy.  I need to give him a call to check on things, but in the meantime I’ve just been scraping, priming, and painting around the boards that I think he’ll need to replace.

Here’s a peek at some of the photos of the front.

Primer that went on after lots of scraping

I’ve painted some more of the house since I took these photos, but I’ll save them for an update next week.   It will look a lot better once the board above the porch is replaced, it’s definitely an eyesore.  Well that’s it for today… I’m going to relax tonight and enjoy the freedom from school.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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