Kitchen Progress 3

In the last two posts, we covered the floors, dry wall, appliances, and some of the cabinet building, and now we’ve finally reached the present state of the kitchen.

Here is the view from the dining room:

We still have a bunch of work to do, but at least the heavy lifting part of the renovation is done.  Now we need to do things like painting, adding the finals doors and drawers, adding hardware and lighting, and installing the open shelving.  I could go on and on…

Here are some photos from the past couple days:

Jimmee hanging the bar that the cabinets hang on.  That actually the only thing that holds them up- pretty amazing!  Ikea has all of these things figured out, and they make (almost) everything so easy!

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you guys the other side of the kitchen.  This is the pantry area by the fridge, eventually we’ll get rid of that wallpaper (I just hate taking that stuff down).

This is our new pantry!!  I love how it pulls out, and you can see everything inside without having to dig around in dark corners.  All the drawers pull out, but the top and bottom ones pull out automatically because they’re attached to the door.

It’s probably hard to get the overall feel for how this is coming together from these photos, but in the next week or two it should start to look a lot more like a real functioning kitchen.  I ordered all the lighting today, and I also bought the range hood after going back and forth between several options.

We found one on Overstock that was the right size and height and it seemed to have the look that we’re going for….

Tomorrow we should have all the cabinet doors on so stay tuned for a couple more cabinet photos, and maybe some kind of kitchen inspiration board so I can show you all the aspects of the kitchen on one page.  I need to poke around on the internet and figure out how to do those types of things…

Hope your week is off to a good start!  :)





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2 responses to “Kitchen Progress 3

  1. Looking beautiful, Anne! I think the cabinets you picked out are the same style of the foyer closets we have from IKEA. Love them– so clean and beautiful! I can’t wait to see the progress continue and eventually see it all in person. So lovely!

    A bright, well-lit, and white kitchen, with tons of personal touches and flair is ideal. I’m hoping to put some more fine touches on our kitchen, and eventually we’ll probably get some “track-like lighting” under the cupboards for that extra light– I love how IKEA does that! Eventually a nice new faucet since IKEA has so many great ones from which to choose. Gosh, kitchens are fun and I bet you’re just SUPER excited about getting in there and really getting to enjoy it.

    Can’t wait to see the inspiration boards. The way I do mine is simply save photos I find and then create a Powerpoint, one page. You can insert your images, line them up how you like, then I just click “Save as Pictures” and it saves your page as one big JPEG picture. I know there are programs online that let you build Inspir. Boards but I always found it easiest to find photos, save them, then insert them into a Powerpoint slide. That’s what I do for The French Bouquet anyway. :)

    Cheers and love from Berlin and keep up the fabulous work, girl!!!

  2. So exciting! I’m totally jealous of your awesome pantry, too. Sliding shelves?! Awesome!!


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