Kitchen Progress 2

Yesterday, I posted photos of the wall and floor tear-out and also the wood floor installation.  It was a lot of work, and now we’re onto the easier part (well mainly just because we hired someone!).   We had someone install the drywall for us because  Jimmee had a crazy busy week at work and I was studying for finals and didn’t want worry about one more thing!  I’m happy that we did because they got it done so quickly, and we were able to move forward with other tasks, like getting the cabinets built.   At the end of the day, the drywall set us back about $350, which isn’t bad considering the time that we saved and the stress that we avoided.

Side note:  I went to download the photos of the drywall, and they seem to have gone missing!  Sometimes my camera “loses” photos because the memory card doesn’t connect to the camera properly (or something like that)…  Anyways, I probably need to get a new camera, but for the meantime I’ll have to show you this one which already has the new stove and some of the cabinet boxes in it.

Since I don’t have the other photos, I’ll just go ahead and show you more shots of our recent progress with the cabinets and some of our choices for appliances, countertop, etc.

We had seen this range at Home Depot for $900 and decided it was too expensive, but then when I was searching around online I found it listed on Conn’s website for $600.  I immediately drove up to the store to see if they had any left, and she said the floor model was the only one available and she would sell it to me if I wanted it.  I said yes, and we had it delivered a week later.  We got the dishwasher from Sears (also on sale for $550 down from $800), and here’s a photo of it.

For the countertop, we decided to go with silestone because they have great color choices, and it’s low maintenance and inexpensive.  We took home as many samples as we could because it’s really hard to decide in the store without seeing the color in the space.  Lowe’s was out of a bunch of their colors so that was a bummer, but we ended up finding a nice neutral color at Home Depot called Grey Amazon that helped to balance out all the white in the kitchen.  My mom and sisters helped me to pick out the color… thanks guys!!  It’s kind of hard to see it in this photo, but I’ll have to wait until it comes later this month to show you it in our kitchen.

(Photo from here

For the sink, I decided to go with Kohler Simplice because it’s simple and sleek and has a pull down faucet head.

(Photo from

We are still trying to decide on the range hood and some of the other details.  We’re also waiting on the new fridge because we didn’t include it in our original budget, and I don’t think we’ll be able to purchase one until a later date.

Okay so now we’ve reached the cabinet making stage.  This took us longer than we thought it would due to the usual snags and unexpected glitches, but overall it’s gone pretty smoothly.  At this point, all of the cabinet boxes are up and in their positions.  The lower cabinets are done, and the upper cabinet boxes are attached to the wall.  We need to make a decision about the range hood before we can attach the doors and permanently screw them in place because things may have to shift one way or another depending of the hoods exact size.  Also, the two large pantry cabinets are assembled and attached to the wall, but they still need their doors put on and their drawers put in.

Here are a couple of photos that I didn’t lose, and I’ll post better ones tomorrow with all the cabinets in place.

Check back tomorrow for more photos…  Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!




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2 responses to “Kitchen Progress 2

  1. So exciting! It’s really coming together! :)


  2. barbaralea

    That is a GREAT faucet! My dad recommends it to people all the time. My parents have one similar (though much more spendy) and I looooove to use it!

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