Breaking Down the Walls

The wall is torn out between the kitchen and dining room, and there’s no going back!  We’re on our way to a new kitchen, but there’s a long to-do list awaiting us now that we’ve got the ball rolling.  So far, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be (maybe eating all our meals out has made the huge mess in the living room a little more tolerable), but then again it’s only been a couple of days.

On Friday, the wall crew showed up a few minutes late, but I was ecstatic that they showed up at all considering that it was pouring rain.  They got straight to work, and by the time I came in to check on things they had the wall out- totally gone!  It was amazing, and the room looks SO much bigger.  It might be hard to see everything from the photos, but I think it will be easier to get the overall feel as we get farther along with the remodel.

Here are some photos from before, during, and after.

I took this the night before the guys came as our last memory of the wall…

The next morning it looked like this.  It was mass chaos in there!

Of course, I was tip-toeing around trying to tidy things up as the dust traveled through the house and generally freaking out about the huge mess.   I also had the vacuum handy so I could start the cleaning party when they were done.

This is the point where they stopped on Friday, and they still need to put some of the trim back and touch up the drywall tomorrow.

Kitty also did her share of panicking while the workers were there.  I finally had to make a bed for her in the laundry room so she could calm down.

I’m so happy with our new wide-open space!  What do you guys think?  I don’t know if the photos capture it very well, but I’ll try to take some more photos as we get things done this week.  Jimmee took the rest of the cabinets out today, and we have a little kitchen set up in the hallway.  In other news, we went to Ikea on Fri/Sat and bought most of the cabinets (which are now piled in the living room) and then went to Lowe’s today and bought the range and the dishwasher.  Can’t wait to share everything with you guys as it starts to come together.

Hope you had a more relaxing weekend that I did!  I’m already counting down the days to the next one and the week hasn’t even started.  :)



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6 responses to “Breaking Down the Walls

  1. Jim n Jody

    Hey Anne,
    apparently Kattee signed up on my computer so it says the note is from her but it is from Jim and Me/.
    I think it is gonna look great! So much more room. When you explained it to me I didn’t understand how big the opening would be but now with photos I see it perfectly. Looking forward to seeing each step along the way. jody

    I changed the email address so now it says it is from us HA

    Great changes, the space is so much more open I think you will really like it. can’t wait to see the new cabinets.

  2. Excellent, Anne! I’m loving the openness that you now have. Much better. And with the bright look of the kitchen that you’re going for you’re going to have a much brighter and more open home in general. Love it!!!

    Can’t wait to see more; Yay for Anne coming back to the re-design and Blog world. :)

  3. Wow, that looks fantastic! It really did open up the space tons. Home reno is so exciting! I think the demo is the best part, really – it’s crazy but tons of fun! :) Or maybe it’s just satisfying for me to take out some frustration on the house, actually. :) Anyways, can’t wait to see more progress!


  4. Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to show you guys more.
    Jim and Jody, I’m glad you got the e-mail worked out. :) We’re in the process of getting quotes right now so that slows things down a little.

  5. zoe p.

    wow!!! i had no idea you were thinking of doing that – quite the surprise!!! I can’t wait to see everything in person! t-minus three weeeeeeks!

    z xoxox

  6. Grandma Jan

    It looks great! It will be nice to have such an open area and I know that kitchen must have been the pits. That yellow paint and the grimy cupboards – ugh! It will make it much more usable and friendly. I admire the way you guys just jump right in and get things done.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love, Grandma Jan

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