Olive and Eggplant

That’s how I’m describing our new porch and door colors, which look better than the previous blue and mint green.  I was getting some strange looks from the neighbors when I said the door was going to be purple, but as soon as I switched over to “eggplant” there weren’t any problems.

I painted the porch this summer in a gray/blue color, but it didn’t seem to fit with the new color scheme.  Also, I thought the olive green color would complement the stone better than the gray.

Here is a peek at the (somewhat) finished look.


My mom came up with the idea to use eggplant on the door since there are so many reddish doors on our street.  I think it’s a nice change from the usual colors.

What do you guys think?  Do you like the new door color?

The guy who is supposed to tear out the wall delayed it until Friday (tomorrow) so I’m really(!)  hoping that he shows up in the morning.  If all goes as planned, I will have photos up this weekend of the progress in the kitchen.



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5 responses to “Olive and Eggplant

  1. I LOVE it! That is an awesome color for the front door. I love cheery red doors, but they’re so overdone. Unless you’re one of the few with a red door, it just doesn’t work. I love the eggplant.

    Funny how just switching around the name makes people more calm. It’s funny with florals some brides freak and go, “NO baby or pastel pink” but the moment you say “Soft pink or romantic pink or blush” they’re like, ok. haha Of course eggplant, or Aubergine, as it looks like on your door, can be very different from some people’s interpretation of purple. Regardless I love it and I’m sure the neighbors will, too. Great job!!

    I can’t wait to see the kitchen updates. You mentioned this guy seemed reliable so he better be and show up today. I want some pics and I want you to have your dream kitchen soon. :) Keep up the great blogging, Anne. Your home and design skills are fabulous!!

  2. Thanks girl! It’s funny how much the name influences people’s feelings- it’s all about the marketing. That’s interesting that it happens with the flowers too, but I guess people have certain images and ideas about colors in their head.
    They are beginning to tear out the wall as I type so I should have some photos up next week. Thanks for the feedback!! :)

  3. I LOVE the purple (er, eggplant) door! I toyed around with it on our house in photoshop after seeing some inspiration pics of yellow houses with purple and white accent. However, it just didn’t work with our plain-jane exterior. Looked pretty horrible, actually… lol. But yours is perfect! I love it!


  4. barbaralea

    I LOVE the purple door. Yes, purple. Be bold, be proud, declare that your front door is PURPLE! Then again, I’m a Horned Frog and we tend to like purple….it is looking GREAT!

  5. Loren Polk

    Please share the paint name and brand for the door. I am trying to work with an existing green house the color of pea soup, and it is hard to find a purple that isn’t too shocking against the green. :P

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