Bye-Bye Sparkle Linoleum

Alright guys, remember the sparkle linoleum from yesterday…

Well, after some intense sanding by Andy’s Custom Flooring and some shiny top coats we have a beautiful, glossy wood floor.  I thought that the guys would scrape off the linoleum before sanding, but instead they just ground the stuff down until they got to the wood.  I thought this was a smart strategy, and for anyone who is interested they used a 15 grit sandpaper on the linoleum.

Here is the gorgeous new floor.

Today I finally was able to walk on the floor, and I have been busily working on the next steps in the room- priming, sanding woodwork, painting ceilings, walls, trim, closets.  I finished most of the painting and I’m so excited to move the bed in tomorrow.

I did manage to drag my dresser into the room using some old towels, but I’ll have to wait until Jimmee gets back to move the rest.

It’s pretty amazing what a sander can do!   Hope you all are having a great Wednesday.



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6 responses to “Bye-Bye Sparkle Linoleum

  1. What a miraculous change! Makes you really wonder why anyone would ever cover up such lovely wooden floors, and with hideous sparkly linoleum! Crazy! Great job, Anne. Hiring the guys to get this dirty job done was a great idea. You can now focus on the painting and sanding and the rest of the things you have to do to make the room exactly like you want it. Beautiful!!

  2. Thanks, Savannah! It really was miraculous… I don’t know why anyone would glue linoleum over wood like that??? I’ll never know. :)

  3. Gorgeous! Thank goodness that tacky gold linoleum is gone – that pretty wood is so much better. :)


  4. Grandma Jan

    The floors look beautiful. It amazes me how fast you get things accomplished! I think that people that: 1. Paint windows shut; 2. Use that “popcorn” texture on walls and ceilings; 3. Cover wood floors with linoleum should get 100 lashes.

  5. Thanks, Grandma! I completely agree!! That room needed so much work, and I’m really hoping we can get the windows to open again so we can get a breeze in the fall.

  6. jb tx

    Love the floor! What a difference; I don’t know which was worse, that funky linoleum or the cheapo carpet. The wood looks great and how wonderful to have it done professionally, especially now that you personally know what’s involved in making a floor look beautiful! Good Job!

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