At Home in Houston

I took a quick flight down to Houston this week to see my family and celebrate a belated mother’s day, and it has been a wonderful week!  I always forget how beautiful and green everything is down here, and my mom does a really good job of keeping everything in the yard looking fabulous.  I thought that while I was down here I would post a tour of my parent’s house since there are so many great details and beautiful decorations.

Let’s start with the kitchen since that’s where everyone loves to be.

Flowers for mother’s day in a beautiful vase.  The little Chinese animal is keeping watch over everything.

This display behind the sink makes washing the dishes much more fun, although I still avoid washing them whenever possible.

I have always loved this bread box, and I’ve noticed that they are back in style.  Well, at least I saw Martha Stewart is selling a very similar version of this guy.

My mom and sisters usually make the snowflakes hanging at the top of the picture around Christmas and then hang them around the house.  It seems that we have built up quite a supply of these little guys and they are now on display in the doorway.

Here’s a close-up of them.

The window display in the kitchen with lots of little handmade hearts and butterflies….

Part of the living room area.

A flower painting that my mom did a couple of years ago.  It’s a little bit dark in the photo I took, but the flower looks like a photo itself in person.

The display when you walk into the door.  My sister, Zoe, painted the inside robin’s egg blue, and it looks so great with the silver pieces!

My mom redesigned the upstairs bathroom a couple of years ago, and it went from looking like 4 teenage girls had been sharing it for a few too many years to sophisticated and fabulous.

Here is their doggie lounging in the backyard with her new summer coat.

And some more garden pictures…

And the post wouldn’t be complete without some pictures of my mom’s favorite kitties!



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8 responses to “At Home in Houston

  1. Your parents’ house is beautiful! I love the pretty vases in the display behind the kitchen sink – I can imagine getting mesmerized by those when the sun streams in while washing the dishes. And the newly remodeled bathroom – WOW! Love, love the wallpaper, too! Beautiful. And the backyard and patio? Gorgeous. Isn’t it nice to go home for a bit? I can’t wait until Christmastime when I can go visit again. It’s always good to hang out and see your fam! :) Glad you had a great time, and I’m sure you totally made you’re Mom’s Mother’s Day by being there!


  2. Thanks, Chelsea! I wanted everyone to see all the great things that she has done with the house since we moved in 12 years ago, but sadly there aren’t really any before pictures. It was a great visit home, and it’s nice to get back to the blog! :)

  3. Grandma Jan

    Thanks for the tour! What a beautiful house – it could be in House Beautiful! I know I always enjoyed visiting and sitting on the deck and reading one of the many interesting books that are always on hand. And, of course, your Mom is such a fabulous cook.
    Love, Grandma Jan

  4. I was thinking it could be in a magazine too! There are so many nice details and displays around the house. I’m having a great time at home- very relaxing to sit on the porch and watch the lake.

  5. Jim

    Hey Anne,
    I love the blog, we get it on email
    Your Mom’s house is really wonderful.

  6. Thanks Jim! I’m happy you guys like the blog. It’s a lot of fun to take the pictures and document everything, especially my mom’s house. :)

  7. Anne, you did a great job photographing the house! It makes me want to live there- and then I realize that it’s my house, but looking really good. Ypu’ve got a good eye,
    Emma looks like she’s surrounded by kitty vultures. I love that picture.

  8. Mom, I think I logged in on the home computer so you’re under my name. :) haha…. I was wondering why I wrote something to myself. I love that picture of Emma too. All the kitties look so cute.

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