The Grass is Always Greener…

In the springtime!  We finally have some grass in our backyard, and it is a beautiful bright green.  It’s hard to wait for these little sprigs to grow, but it seems like lately (with all the rain) they get noticeably taller by the hour.  I can’t wait until it all fills in and we can have a nice grassy area for our puppy and for grilling.

Here is the before pic of the backyard with no grass, well at least very little.

And here is our progress after 10 days.

Hmmm… well that actually looks like some sad progress.  I would have to say it looks much more exciting in person.  Maybe let’s try a close-up.

Another exciting change since last week is our new faucet that we had the plumber put in.  All of our faucets are along the driveway, which seems about a million miles away from where they need to be.  We had to get 2 100 feet hoses- one to reach the backyard and one for the front yard.  Putting in a new faucet cost about $150, but I think it was worth every penny because the hose constantly getting tangled was taking years off my life.

Since the grass isn’t such a dramatic change, I thought I would include some other pics in this post from our old house.  I drove by this week, and I felt a little sad seeing all the plants that I put in last summer.  The new owners weren’t home so that meant I could snap away with my camera.  I didn’t really want to get out of the car so these are all drive-by shots, but I thought the garden was looking pretty good.

Here is our previous house when I started working on it.

And then the paint job nearly finished.

These photos are from a couple of days ago.  I put in the garden beds last summer after finishing all the painting, and they came back really nicely this spring.  I hope the new people are enjoying it!

It makes me miss being able to walk into a house that isn’t “under construction”, but I just have to keep in mind that someday this house will be finished too and then we can kick back and enjoy our hard work.



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2 responses to “The Grass is Always Greener…

  1. Isn’t the new grass so exciting? We kept checking ours everyday to see if the new grass had grown in yet. It takes longer than you think! I guess we’re all a little impatient when it comes to waiting for grass to grow, haha. And good idea on the new hose spicket! We, too, had only one hose faucet – wayyyy in the back of the house, which made it really difficult to water the front lawn, and had to buy a 100ft hose just like you guys (and those crinks are ssooooo annoying!). Until a couple of weeks ago, when we discovered that we actually have a faucet in the front of the house, too! We found it hiding behind the big boxy hedges! Hahaha, we’ve been living here over a year now and we’re STILL finding things! LOL :) You guys did such a good job on your old house’s landscaping – wow! It looks great! You guys really added tons of curb appeal to it, I hope the new owners take as good of care of it as you guys did.

  2. We check the grass so frequently it’s kind of sad. haha… I just want a nice grassy backyard!! That’s so funny that you guys found the faucet a year later. At least you found it just in time for the summer watering season!

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