Exciting news for OKC

Well, I have been waiting for this since we moved to OKC, and they finally announced that Whole Foods signed a lease in OKC that is very close to our new place.   Here is the news story that makes it official…


It’s short and sweet, but the bottom line is that they signed the lease and will start building soon!!  I like living in Oklahoma City for the most part, and it has improved a lot since our move to a friendlier, safer neighborhood.  My main issue with our area is the lack of grocery store options, especially close ones.  There is of course the Super WalMart, but the one near us is not really the ideal shopping experience.   There are a couple of other grocers- Homeland (sad, sad produce section) and Buy and Save (went in one time and a woman followed me around the whole time begging).  There is another one that is decent called Crest, but it’s kind of a far drive for us, and there’s also Super Target if you want to get on the turnpike.  I’m really excited about the new option so close and the good vegetarian items that they have.

I love this store for a couple of reasons:

1.  It is beautiful inside.

2.  They have new and foreign things you might not find in another OK grocer, besides the Asian market- that place has many interesting, non-Oklahoma things, and if you live in OKC you should check it out at 28th (about) and Claussen

3.  They have quite the selection of cheeses – my favorite thing!

4.  They also have a great little restaurant in the store, maybe more like a cafeteria style, but still very fun.

I know whole foods is commonly known as “whole paycheck”  so we may not be able to shop there all the time, but it’s fun to have the option.  Also, I like to just walk the aisles and see what’s available, and the free samples don’t hurt anything.  I think the store will open in 2011 so this excitement is a little pre-mature but just thought I would share the news!

Have a great Tuesday!



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9 responses to “Exciting news for OKC

  1. Savannah Page

    One big thing I miss… Whole Foods! Such a great store! I’m so happy you’re getting one, Anne!

  2. I love whole foods! Unfortunately we don’t regularly shop there because of the price, but we splurge on some delish cheese and wine, or the amazing pizza after work (I work right next door!), and the free samples are always awesome. How exciting for you guys! And I feel your pain on the grocery store front… we live right by 2 grocery stores that are very close to us but they are super-sketchy. But luckily there’s a good store we go to that’s not too far from us. :)

  3. thanks girls! yeah, the price is a little bit high for us too, Chelsea, but it’s fun to go for a couple of things. That’s great that you have a good grocer nearby though… it makes life easier! :)

  4. Erin

    That is exciting that you are getting a whole foods! Once you start shopping there you won’t want to stop. If you stick to buying the produce that is on sale every week it doesn’t end up being super expensive. Where did you get these pictures? Did you go inside the one in Austin and take these? I can just picture you walking around the store and photographing all of the produce,lol.

  5. i know, erin, I can’t wait! That’s a good idea to just buy the sale produce, and I’m sure they have some other good deals. It’s going to be about 5 minutes from the house so I’m sure I’ll be tempted to shop their all the time! I didn’t take the pictures in the post- just searched for pics of the Austin whole foods. :) I wish I had been able to take my own though cause I would have gotten one of their cake counter!!

  6. zoe

    yesss!!!! such exciting news!!

  7. I know!!! i can’t wait!

  8. mom

    I love their bin section- if you shop there, it’s only one-quarter paycheck, and what a great selection of things! Of course you always buy other delectable (and expensive) things on the way out.
    How nice to have the option of grocery shopping there!

  9. yeah, the bin section is really good! I can’t wait to have a wide granola and trail mix selection. I think I can handle one-quarter paycheck, well actually I don’t get a paycheck so I guess it doesn’t matter. :)

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