Onto the Front Yard

At this point, the backyard is looking pretty good, despite the fact that there is no grass.  I planted grass seed and put a layer of dirt over the top of the seed (since we have quite the surplus!), and now I’m just waiting to see some sprouts.  You have to keep the seed really moist while it germinates so I’m doing lots of watering and trying to keep the animals out of that area so the seed stays where it’s supposed to.

I thought it would be a good idea to get started on the front yard while I was in the yard work mode.  Gotta keep that momentum going!  I found more of the stone buried in the backyard- there is no end to this stuff- so I decided to use that in the front yard too.  It kind of matches the stone of the house so I thought it might work out.

Here is a pic of the front garden area prior to tearing anything up.

Here is a close-up of the part that I want to tear out- the multi-colored, bulkhead-like border to the garden.  I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but I think it’s because it looks so stiff and also because the colors don’t go with the house or the plants.

I really wish she hadn’t anchored these things in concrete, but I was able to get them out anyway.  I think it already looks better at this point, and you can see the peonies!  One of them opened up this morning so I think more will follow when the sun comes out.

And the start of the new bed…

This is as far as I got yesterday, and today or tomorrow I’m going to enlist Jimmee to help me get the rest of the dirt moved.  I don’t think I can move another load at this point.  I look at the pile, and sometimes I envision myself with a cane and white hair still moving loads of dirt.  I think I had a dream about that last night, and I woke up sweating and nervous.  That pile just looms right outside of the bedroom window.

I’m excited to do some more plant shopping next week, and this time I will have more options because the front gets a lot more sun.  It seems like there are so many more options for full/partial sun beds than for shade, but I still love those shade plants.

Okay, well I’ll leave you with a picture from our neighbor’s yard.  Their clematis is blooming, and it looks so pretty!



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5 responses to “Onto the Front Yard

  1. Very exciting! Yes, that red border didn’t really match the colors of the house too well, and I agree that the rocks “go” much better. And I totally understand about your “dirty dreams” haha… no, but really – we have piles of dirt everywhere! All along the side of the house, along the shed, and then piled up behind the shed – all from digging up the patio. We don’t know what to do with it right now… hopefully we’ll think of something soon before weeds start popping up! :)

  2. i’m happy you like it… i’m hoping the rocks will turn a similar color to the house when the rain washes them off. The red dirt here clings to everything! I’m sure you guys will find something to do with your dirt- you are both so creative!! congrats again on your first giveaway- there are so many good things!!!

  3. mom

    Good move getting rid of that border, even it it took overcoming the cement. You’ll be able to use those pieces somewhere else, but without the pattern, and then they’ll look good. I can’t wait to see what you plant in the new bed- oh, all the endless possibilities! That clematis next door is gorgeous.
    I do have a humble suggestion for you (did you need more things to add to you’re list?), and that’s to paint the brick wall in the back yard that’s behind the new bed an olive color. I keep meaning to tell you on the phone, but then forget. Anyway, throw that idea in the hopper, and see what you think.

  4. Thanks mom! That’s a really good idea to paint the back fence green. I actually have some olive green outdoor paint left from our other house so maybe I’ll just use that. I want to paint the back side of that shed green too- the one that’s next to the garden. I’m going to have a lot more time after my last final this Thursday so maybe I’ll get to it while the weather is nice.

  5. Great points! I will be checking back here often!

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